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pretty awful

but you seem young so like keep working at it
or an hero


quite excellent

great job

just to adress all the people saying your crazy-i dont think shes crazy. her sense of humor is too good for her to be crazy, and also really shes just trying to make her flash intense and portray an exageration of what ran through hitlers mind.

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not very good at all

this game is very bland and boring. the sync is bad, the notes are pretty random, and the animation and graphics are barely sub par. i have no idea how you got above epic riffs and definetly no idea how you got above incubus pulsem. this game is very unoriginal and generic and the graphics are very bland.

LilDwarf responds:

Because people like simple games like these! :D Maybe more users thought this game was more fun or had a better replay value than epic riffs or incubus pulsum. That's what really matters.

not really a rhthm game

if you submitted this without it mentioning rhythm games, nobody would say "great rhythm game!" they would say "mediocre game!" and stupid annoying techno ruins it too. the theme of the contest was rocknroll, after all.

Phendrana responds:

What the hell are you talking about!? Music Sheet is entirely rhythm based. The notes are synched TO THE RHYTHM of the music. Sorry it wasn't a DDR or Guitar Hero clone, if those are the only things that fit into your narrow view of what's considered a rhythm game.


the only reason to play this game is to watch the trippy backgrounds. the notes or w/e that come down may be in sync but i cant tell because i dont have to hit them in sync and i cant really see all of them being in sync anyway. but this is a pretty bad idea since i can just go to windows media player and watch cooler stuff and listen to good music. that brings me to the fact that no matter how many different songs i tried i couldnt get it to let me upload stuff. feh

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One of the best songs ive heard on the portal. Pretty original stuff.

ps. for all the reviewers saying this is speedcore, you must be on crack. this would be speedcore if the bpm were multiplied by 2.


i liek drum on this

very nice!

this is very nice yo its josh check out me songs and review? make sex?

fo sho yanada mean, fo sho

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